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Becoming Reality Chp 40: Honeymoon in Hawaii Part 1


i want to see the 3-D movie but i have to wait until like next weekend/spring break :(, i watched across the universe last night and it was good, the middle was a little weird and today my friend came to visit and we went to see slumdog millionaire which was AMAZING!!! it’s such a good movie i loved it on to the story… the beginning was a little awkward to write lol 4 chapters left!! Devon’s POV The plane ride to Hawaii was fairly short, but it was still late when we arrived. Even so we decided to explore the hotel a bit before we went to bed. The hotel was gorgeous, I loved it, it felt like a castle. After taking the grand tour of the hotel we went up to our room, which was huge. We got ready for bed and did a few other things, to make our marriage official, if you know what I mean and then went to bed. I woke up the next morning to Joe kissing me. “So last night was fun,” Joe said smiling. “The best,” I said smiling laughing a bit. “Good, because there will be plenty of that in the future,” Joe said seductively. I just laughed as Joe kissed me. “Have you ever thought about kids?” I asked. This was bound to come up at some point. “Of course. I would love to have kids,” Joe replied smiling. “Good, me too,” I said. “Have you ever thought of when?” Joe asked. “Whenever it happens,” I said. “Works for me,” Joe said smiling kissing me again, “Ready to hit the beach?” I asked. “You know it!” Joe said as we both quickly got changed to go to the beach. After having a quick

Beaches Ocean Waves # 79 – Mokuleia Army Beach from TV Show “Lost” Oahu, Hawaii

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Hanheld + 5 Games I’d Bring on Vacation – Video Response to JodeciMudvayne


This is a video response to JudeciMudvayne’s: “Hanheld System + 5 Games you bring on Vacation or Trip.” My choices were mixed between the nostlagic and the mainstream; thus, two systems arose to the top of my list: the Game Boy Advance SP, and the new Retrogen Portable. Will I choose one or both? When it came to selecting five titles for each system, I tried to fulfill my favorite genres: 2D-Sidescrolling platformers, RPGs and Shmups. Take a look at the five titles I’ve chosen for each system.Feel free to rate this video. Comments are always welcome. If you enjoyed watching this video and would like to see more like it, I invite you to visit my channel and subscribe. =) QuickSciFi