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Pahukii – All Things Hawaii

04.20.10 – This is a video tutorial on setting up your profile on – Hawaii’s social community site. Pahuki’i means Picture Box in Hawaiian. The reason why was developed was to bring closer the global community of Hawaii into one place. The site has all the features of YouTube, FaceBook and MySpace. Embed or Upload your videos, music pictures. Full privacy settings and site moderation. The main goal is not to be the biggest but the most enjoyable site for Hawaii. is meant for the people of Hawaii and all those from Hawaii that live around the world.

A Maui Sailing Canoe Adventure. The Lanai-re Expedition.


Maui sailing canoe. An inter island voyage in Hawaii in search of surfing, big fish, and adventure Deep sea fishing. “Original Maui music”. Punk rock. Sail. Surf. Dive. Lahaina. Channel crossing. Polynesian voyaging. Thrill seekers. Remote places. Adrenalin. Camping. Extreme sports. Extreme sport.