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Becoming Reality Chp 40: Honeymoon in Hawaii Part 1


i want to see the 3-D movie but i have to wait until like next weekend/spring break :(, i watched across the universe last night and it was good, the middle was a little weird and today my friend came to visit and we went to see slumdog millionaire which was AMAZING!!! it’s such a good movie i loved it on to the story… the beginning was a little awkward to write lol 4 chapters left!! Devon’s POV The plane ride to Hawaii was fairly short, but it was still late when we arrived. Even so we decided to explore the hotel a bit before we went to bed. The hotel was gorgeous, I loved it, it felt like a castle. After taking the grand tour of the hotel we went up to our room, which was huge. We got ready for bed and did a few other things, to make our marriage official, if you know what I mean and then went to bed. I woke up the next morning to Joe kissing me. “So last night was fun,” Joe said smiling. “The best,” I said smiling laughing a bit. “Good, because there will be plenty of that in the future,” Joe said seductively. I just laughed as Joe kissed me. “Have you ever thought about kids?” I asked. This was bound to come up at some point. “Of course. I would love to have kids,” Joe replied smiling. “Good, me too,” I said. “Have you ever thought of when?” Joe asked. “Whenever it happens,” I said. “Works for me,” Joe said smiling kissing me again, “Ready to hit the beach?” I asked. “You know it!” Joe said as we both quickly got changed to go to the beach. After having a quick