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The Journey to Key West – Traveling to Key West


imageKey West Vacation Villa – Traveling to Key West The name ‘Key West’ brings to mind pictures of islands surrounded by clear waters, a genuine little town, incredible sunsets and a paradise for nature lovers. Key West can be reached from Miami by car, motorcycle, boat or plane. The distance between Miami and Key West is 150 miles and will take around 3.5 hours to get there by car. If you decide to drive from Miami, you may want to spend a little extra in securing an exotic car rental in Miami, preferably a convertible, to be part of the extraordinary surroundings on this road trip while traveling to Key West. If you have a motorcycle license, rent a Harley Davidson in Miami and start traveling to Key West via US1 from Miami. The trip, itself, is an extraordinary experience. Take your time and stop in any of the multiple outdoor Tiki bars that pave the way traveling to Key West. Stop to have your lunch and sip a cocktail. For the speediest journey, take a plane from Miami to Key West. A flight from Miami will take a little less than 30 minutes and the cost is affordable. Another great way to get to Key West is to set aside some money to rent a boat or a yacht in Miami. The journey traveling to Key West is absolutely gorgeous. Be sure to do your homework and study your trip before hand. The Keys can be delicate to sail. Depending on your boat, you will spend between 5 and 12 hours traveling to Key West. Visitors have several lodging options in Key West. Stay in a hotel, a Bed and Breakfast in Key West or in a Key West vacation villa. We recommend the Key West vacation villa because it allows you to experience the real Key West lifestyle. Key West Key West vacation villas are mostly affordable and provide plenty of comfort. The sunshine state can be easily enjoyed with a stay in Florida vacation rentals from Orlando holiday rentals, Miami Beach vacation rentals or Key West vacation villas. Interesting video on the development of the highway connecting the Florida Keys with inland Florida.