Visit the Safest City in the Nation on Your Hawaii Vacation

06.26.10 **Honolulu is currently ranked as the safest city in the United States. If anything, it’s getting even safer. Current FBI crime statistics indicate that there was a 22-percent decline in crime in Honolulu over the first six months of last year. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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6 Responses to “Visit the Safest City in the Nation on Your Hawaii Vacation”

  1. mrbruce1 says on :

    Totally, Yaling and I belong to VASH a volunteer organization here in Hawai to help folks IF they do be come a victim of crime, so we take it very seriously b/c we know people need to feel comfortable here, have a great time this summer!!

  2. Maloha09 says on :

    Uhm? I just went last week & we got our luggage stolen from our car.

  3. Maloha09 says on :

    Yes, actually we went there & they were so nice. They gave my senior class gift bags :] It’s okay though, everything worked out. We were able to get insurance for the things that were taken.

  4. xOAHUxGROWNx808x says on :

    its safest cause we all have aloha and malama’aina of everybody and the environment

  5. bj616 says on :

    I believe it ,that’s why my wife and I travel there often. I have visited there over a dozen times and I never have had a problem anywhere on Oahu. We were married there as well and later this Summer we will be bak in Waikiki enjoying paradise.

  6. mrbruce1 says on :

    OMG sorry to hear that, this is one of the most common crimes that DO occur!!, Did anyone tell you about VASH after it happened? Visitor Aloha Society of Hawaii? Just curious

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