Does anyone know the average price to fly Hawaii to LA return?


Is $488 a good price for 2nd July?

4 Responses to “Does anyone know the average price to fly Hawaii to LA return?”

  1. rosa says on :

    You can check at

    they look for the cheapest flight and book it for you.

  2. enjoyarielle says on :

    yes, that’s a great price. if anything, the price will get lower by $50. I would wait to book after the holidays. you’ll find a better deal.

    also, avoid expedia, travelocity and such sites. they charge you an additional fee up to $90. Go directly to the actual websites of the planes.

    i travel a lot… don’t use

    american air

    have fun when you go!

  3. kamoanapiilani says on :

    well its an okay price.

    this site get specials right now.
    and prices are cheaper on tuesdays and wednesdays.

  4. BitterOldBastard!!!!! says on :

    decent price

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