Whats the cost of living on the island of kauai?


Me and my husband are looking into moving to kauai. What is the cost of living and how plentiful are jobs there?

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  1. Ty L says on :

    I plan on moving there too when I graduate from college in four years. Ive done all the math and well its pricy. If your looking for a house, its really expensive. 2 or 3 bedroom apartments run over 2,000 easy. The cost of utilities is double what it is in california, electricity is about 200-300 dollars a month and gas, water, and groceries are about triple what you pay now. The pay depending on the job can be higher or lower than what you are making now. If you have a leadership position in your company now like a direcor, manager, assistant manager ect. The pay is higher than places like ny or ca. If its a regular job for example a graphic artist, the pay is lower. Jobs are limited and the island is 99.9% nature. There is no night life and it is very quiet, very non- commercialized and no buildings on the beach! hooray! very lush very tropical. All in all its more expensive but definately worth it! Also to find jobs go to google maps and for example if you work for an advertising agency, type in advertising agencies in kauai, HI. It will show you all the types of businesses you are looking for on the island. Hope you have fun living the “island lifestyle” and make sure this is what you really want and if you feel a deep spiritual connection with the island, chances are its meant to be, if not well why waste all that $$ visit first, even if youve already been, go again and make sure this is what you want more than anything and be aware that its very small and extremely easy to get “Island Fever” or feeling “trapped” on an island and feeling like you need more room or start to want to leave so bad you go crazy. Make sure your a nature freak and always treat the island with respect, because if you dont locals will hate you like no other. Just be kind to them and never EVER litter or leave trash anywhere. The natives consider the island sacred and is amung one of the hugest offenses. Hope it works out for you and you get to live in paradise. (I wish I was 4 years into the future! your so lucky your all out of college and actually have a life!!)

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