Where to stay in Kauai? South Shore or Coconut Shore?

Hi, I am leaving for Kauai on the 1st, so far I have ariline tickets, and no hotel. There are a lot of choices, and it got a bit confusing. I am torn between South shore and coconut shore. Also I am travelling alone, so I am looking for a decent hotel or resourt, which wouldn’t be overly expensive. Ideally it would be something safe, with some things to do at the resort/hotel territory, so you can spend time there and maybe find some company – I am not looking for nightclubs or any of that type of nightlife. I love swimming and outdoors. what are the hotels that have swimmable beaches with not too much of tides/waves? I will appreciate any comments/suggestions. Thanks in advance.


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  1. We stayed at the Kauai beach resort which is now the Hilton
    It has everything from restaurants to pools, waterslides, everything and it has a free shuttle to and from the airport
    most of the sights are nearby also
    I highly recommend it

  2. SOUTH SHORE! If you want to swim, south shore is your best bet.
    I love the south shore, lived there all my life :]
    Hmm, the Hyatt is out because it’s beach is really wavey and rocky and scary plus its expensive.
    I think the Outrigger Kiahuna Plantation would be really nice :] they have an in room kitchen and a pool and they are on the beach!
    The Sheraton Kauai Resort is also nice but a lot of kids running around because it is right on a very popular beach
    The Marriott Waiohai is fairly new and has a really nice pool, I like that hotel :]

    Good Luck and come to Old Koloa Town and have a shave ice from Koloa Shave Ice because it is the best shave ice on the island :]
    and if you’ve never had shave ice before, you are missing out!

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