Moki on Kauai?

Has anyone ever met or does anyone know the artist “Moki” O Kauai or where I can find his work to purchase?,(I have one of his works Wailua River Fairy….Id like to purchase more…also what happened to him? I heard he passed away in November : ..(
He was a painter that we met on Kauai, He usually paints by the Wailua River most everyday…..He had a great outlook on life and was originally from Kauai….He was the little boy in the movie Blue Hawaii (we have a picture of it at home)
He had recently moved back to Kauai after leaving L.A after a bad accident…..Im so sorry to hear of his passing……If you hear of anything at all Please contact me
Thank you so much!!!


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  1. born&raised: maui_gurl

    Rodney Moki Basconcillo aka Moki o Kaua‘i, of Anahola, died at Wilcox Memorial Hospital on Nov. 28, 2007, at the age of 59.

    im still trying to find some place that sells his work. i’ll edit this answer later.

    edit…soooo, i was searching and found nothing. i haven’t heard of him before so it was a little hard. i couldn’t even find anything about the Wailua River Fairy. what kind of artist is he? musician, painter, etc.?

  2. Aloha,

    I just saw your request for Moki’s paintings. If you would like to purchase his paintings, you can contact me through [email protected] or when you visit Kauai, his paintings are at Earth and Sea Gallery, downtown Kapaa.

    Moki o Kauai

  3. Aloha,

    I just found out that you are looking for Moki’s paintings. You can contact me on [email protected] or when you visit Kauai, his paintings are at Earth and Sea Gallery, downtown Kapaa.

    Mahalo and Blessings

  4. I saw his prints and almost bought one myself- beautiful work. I don’t remember the name of the shop, but it was in a shopping center in Kapa’a, across from the ABC store, with a sushi place, a womens’ clothing store, and a shop that sold paintings. This little shop had many prints, jewelry, clothing, figurines, etc. A real nice woman worked there both times I went in. I’ve thought about calling to try to buy a print, but can’t think of the name of the store. Anybody know that one?

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