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  1. I have heard that you should book it 21 days in advance for cheap tickets, but I have found cheaper flights 3-4 months in advance. Also try to look for travel on Tues./Wed.

  2. Helps to know what your point of origin is – however, and VERY generally, the best prices tend to be from 3 months to 3 weeks before your intended departure date. Of course, peak travel days sell out early and occasionally you might be able to get last-minute deals but rule of thumb is buy early to get cheap. I bought my ticket to New York for Thanksgiving Day weekend back in January. I am glad I did because prices have almost tripled since then!

  3. Best I found is what you said

    or check your travel agent.. you didn’t ost where your travelling from so who knows!

  4. Hi,

    You can get very useful info related to air tickets from . Check it out! Happy Journey!!

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