How soon should I get flight tickets to NY if I want cheap tickets?


Are there any tips on getting cheap flight tickets to NY in Late December/ Early January?


4 Responses to “How soon should I get flight tickets to NY if I want cheap tickets?”

  1. Jaspreet S says on :

    I have heard that you should book it 21 days in advance for cheap tickets, but I have found cheaper flights 3-4 months in advance. Also try to look for travel on Tues./Wed.

  2. CharliePhxAZ says on :

    Helps to know what your point of origin is – however, and VERY generally, the best prices tend to be from 3 months to 3 weeks before your intended departure date. Of course, peak travel days sell out early and occasionally you might be able to get last-minute deals but rule of thumb is buy early to get cheap. I bought my ticket to New York for Thanksgiving Day weekend back in January. I am glad I did because prices have almost tripled since then!

  3. spidermanjamal says on :

    Best I found is what you said

    or check your travel agent.. you didn’t ost where your travelling from so who knows!

  4. stephen w says on :


    You can get very useful info related to air tickets from . Check it out! Happy Journey!!

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