Would this North Korean missile launch towards Hawaii be considered a threat to our health and safety?


My girlfriend and I moved to Hawaii early May for a summer stay. Our lease ends this July on the 31st. It’s not too much of my concern but our parents are urging us to come back home due to the North Korean missile launch that may head towards Hawaii.

My girlfriend and I have researched this issue but there isn’t much information at our disposal. Regardless, we would like to head back home to Miami to be safe, rather than sorry. The Hawaii’s Residential Landlord-Tennant Handbook states:

Termination at Any Time – Section 63. If a condition exists within the premises that is not due to the tenant’s neglect and that substantially deprives the tenant of enjoyment of the dwelling under the rental agreement, the tenant may notify the landlord in writing of the situation and terminate the rental agreement if the condition is not remedied within one week. No notice needs to be given if the condition poses an imminent threat to health or safety. If the condition was caused by landlord’s negligence or done willfully, the tenant may recover any damages caused by the condition.

Would this “North Korean Missile Launch” be considered an “imminent threat to our health and safety” and therefore allow us to terminate our lease without penalty? What other steps and procedures should we take to properly terminate our lease?

Here are some additional links for further information:

North Korean Missile Launch

Hawaii’s Residential Landlord-Tennant Handbook

Thank you very much for your help and concern, Mahalo.

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3 Responses to “Would this North Korean missile launch towards Hawaii be considered a threat to our health and safety?”

  1. Ryan says on :

    Well, if you are still in Hawaii and a missile is launched, than you’ll be lucky if you get vaporized, and all that nuclear fallout might cause radiation poisoning for islands nearby.

  2. Fox News is the best! says on :

    yes. North Korea is a serious threat.

  3. Live on Maui says on :

    First of all. I live here too and I don’t think there is a real threat. N.K hasn’t been able to be successful in any of there past attemps. I mean they were big failures not even close. So I think you should just enjoy your time together like you do everyday. Nothing in the above meets your requirement. It is not your landlord’s negligence or has he/she done this willfully. If you gave this notice he/she can not make a peace treaty with N.K in your behalf in one week. Section 63 is meant for structual damage and possible collapse of your building, a Gas leak, Roof caving in would be good examples of Sec. 63. But some crazy guy in North Korea I don’t think would hold up in court and that’s were you would have to go. You can leave but it’s hard to get your Deposit money back if your in FL. If your that scared for your life then [email protected]#$ the money and run? Whats a couple hundred or thousand for your lives? In the end this is not your landlords fault or responsibility so make your own minds up and go or stay. Personally I’m staying. I would rather live free and clear then be afraid. Just enjoy today. Aloha, Allison
    ps sorry for any misspellings I’m tiered. Oh maybe if you have Travel insurance that might cover the losses?

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