Hawaii’s Finest Tribute


Law Enforcement Officers in the state of Hawaii. This video includes: Honolulu Police Dept. Kauai Police Dept. Maui Police Dept. Hawaii Police Dept. DLNR Conservation & Resources Enforcement Department of Public Safety Sheriff’s Division

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10 Responses to “Hawaii’s Finest Tribute”

  1. gak0303 says on :

    HPD is even more corrupt than Chicago Police. JUST STATING FACTS.

  2. 808bourn11 says on :

    well UH Hilo and Hawaii Community College has Administration of Justice. Its exactly the same thing as Criminal Justice just a different name. UH Hilo and HCC share the same instructors and they are instructed by police officers so you know your being taught quality information as for UH Manoa and HCC Maui and Kauai CC i dont think they have but you can check.

  3. USSHornett says on :

    Nice Suburban : ) go chevy!!

  4. 808bourn11 says on :

    UH Hilo is fairly easy to get into and im 95% sure you could get into UHH. As for the cadet program i applied for it and i took the test but it was the first year they had it so spots in the program was tight. I think they are adding more spots but you should apply as soon as they post it. The test is fairly easy, reading comprehension and baisic math but the higher the score the better chance you have. The cadet program pays for all college expenses(except room & board)

  5. 808bourn11 says on :

    GTA Liberty City i love that song. good vid cant wait till i get my degree and join HPD

  6. flipino808 says on :

    OK, i know what your talking about, at night every police agency does this in Hawaii they leave the lights on but its not flashing like its in no emergency.

    Police presence is the reason why, Police cars in the mainland has this feature put they never leave it on the whole night like we do.

  7. flipino808 says on :

    thanks man! I knew UH Hilo had that, IF I get to UH Hilo I might join that police cadet program that the Hawaii Police Dept. offers.

  8. 2scrappy4u says on :

    yeah, i was just curious why they did that. officers around here like to be sneaky. lol

  9. DbzFanAlways says on :

    Honolulu police officers please do not follow orders blindly, there are many laws that are unconstitutional, and you are not required to enforce unconstitutional laws!!! Your duty is to uphold the constitution not violate it.

  10. flipino808 says on :

    What schools have criminal justice degrees in Hawaii? does Hilo have?

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