Why don’t they serve complimentary meals on nonstop American Airlines flights to Hawaii?


Whenever i take a 9 hour flight from either Chicago to Maui OR Dallas to Maui on American Airlines, they do not offer complimentary meals? Why? Shouldn’t they treat a flight THAT long like they do with their international routes? I find it beyond ridiculous that they only have “limited food for purchase”.

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  1. ethansma24 says on :

    I agree with Charlie 100%. People want service the way it used to be, however, they are not willing to pay the price for it. People already complain about how expensive flying is, and truth be told, airlines are charging minimal for flights. You can take a bus, pay half as much (or more) than the plane ticket would cost, and have it take you 2-3 times longer (at least!) to get to your destination, and no food or beverage supplied to you…..or you can fly.

  2. c♥ssie... says on :

    Um well I think the problem is your American Airlines. I went to Hawaii- Oahu, and it was like 6 hours. We got Lunch and Dinner over the two flights total. But personally, if you are going to go to Hawaii and you actually want the complimentary meals, you should take Hawaiin Airlines. They have everything you need on there, and it even has a video about Hawaii for and extra idea of what you will be waiting for when you get there.

  3. Charlie says on :

    Everyone wants the cheapest possible tickets, but still wants the kind of service that used to be given. The airline could provide meals, but then would raise prices…we just can’t have it both ways. I believe it is reasonable to offer meals at a fair price. When you travel by any other means…car, train, bus..you buy your own meals.Airlines have cut service to cut costs so they can offer the lowest prices. Notheing was ever actually “free’ in the past…they just incorporated the cost of the meals in the tickets.

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