where can i get package hotel deal for hawaii island hopping?


is i stay at the same company hotel on oahu, maui. kauai, and kona, will i save more money? thenk they offer some kind of package for a two week stay? can anyone recommend and hotel roughly around 200 a night? for that price must be at least 3 star if not more. also looking for booking travel tours around the islands, and opinions? how to use for the cheapest? stay away from…? thanks for all the help in advance!

2 Responses to “where can i get package hotel deal for hawaii island hopping?”

  1. ronk says on :

    try this website http://www.zdvtravel.com it’s competitive and has great deals

  2. Steven Prasetya says on :

    I got mine from Expedia. They have many hotels being offered for less than $200 per night.

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