how do i market this yoga retreat?


my friend has bought 5 acres on the “Big Island” in Hawaii and has converted it into a yoga retreat. it is right on the water, offers organic vegetarian meals, ayurvedic doctor, exciting tours of waterfalls, beaches and other cool stuff at a really good price. but he’s not sure about the best way to present it expecially to yoga teachers who might want to bring their students. any suggestions? the website is

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  1. yogalexa says on :

    Very cool site! The best way to present it is to just get the word out. I’ve seen lots of ads for those types of retreats in the back of vegetarian times magazine. Yoga journal would be a good place to advertise too. Contact as many yoga schools, teachers and holistic/alternative medicine schools as you can find via internet to let them know about it. You can also advertise for free on Craig’s list around the world. Have brochures made and give/send them anywhere you think people will be interested. Offer specials for first-time teachers to encourage them to bring students. Best of luck-it looks beautiful there. Here are some sites to help you get started:

  2. cheergal says on :

    You could use the phone book, or you could even ask Yahoo! if you could make an ad on here…. good luck =]

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