Oahu, Hawaii


Shot in standard definition in 2005, while diving with the Blue Water Dive Club of Orange County, California, and our good friend, Mike Bishop form Diamond Head Divers. This video is a little shaky but I thought it might entertain some. This video is of the WW1 US Navy Yard Oiler (YO-257) sank in 1989 as an artificial reef. Also called “Caroline” this yard oiler is 175′ in length and sits in 100 foot of Sweet Pacific water. During this dive it is common to see the Atlantis Submarine motor by with tourist waiving through the windows.

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4 Responses to “Oahu, Hawaii”

  1. pinchibuso says on :

    The funny part was seeing them all waiving at me. I felt like a star for a moment. The video didn’t pick any of it up.

  2. Divehardline says on :

    Great Video…..gotta lopve the tourist sub

  3. adamhully says on :


    I’ve always wondered though, what do you do about pressure at that depth? I can’t get past 5ft in a swimming pool without my ears hurting.

  4. RicoDiver says on :

    Hey.. how come I didn’t go to the Luau? Oh ya… tamn fence got in the way. Your ship fly by is very cool and smooth.

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