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  1. Australia184 says on :

    This is a good one! Its definitely a keeper!

  2. datans says on :

    me comi alto flah

  3. TheSaharit says on :

    wonderful!!!very relaxing…thanks!

  4. Rube2zday says on :

    I like it a zzzz umm huh yes very much like :)) Ahhhh gooos fra paaaa

  5. SexyIslanders says on :

    ohhh.. I love this one.. so very very cool!!

  6. uanejtsaug says on :

    WOW! I’ve never been to Hawaii but I can see why people say such good things about it. Thank you.

  7. brendamkempton says on :

    I used to live on Oahu, I now live in NC and I miss the beaches so much! it is nice to see familiar places and the sounds of the waves crashing puts me in another world! I love it!

  8. kendyong says on :

    just came back from a 2 weeks honeymoon from Hawaii. 4 days in Kauai and 10 days in Oahu.. really nice to see this video. It would be fabulous background was some soft ukelele music… well, that’s what i wish.. lol.. but kudos! great job!

  9. hurricanejones1 says on :

    This is a stunning view from above through the palms and the other shots stand up as well.(except for the sun bathing seal)

  10. sweetcelticrose1 says on :

    Wish I was there. Tired of cold weather, and never been out of my homeland.

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