SurfRider at Sandusky, Ohio’s Maui Sands Resort


“America’s first and only authentic surf simulator, (” the SurfRider in action. The feel is much different from similar surf simulators. The ride will take some getting used to, but what a trill!

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9 Responses to “SurfRider at Sandusky, Ohio’s Maui Sands Resort”

  1. pipefitter0127 says on :

    Maui Sands is shut down until May 2009 for construction

  2. knightridernina says on :

    can’t wait! i’ll be there this week

  3. pipefitter0127 says on :

    No I’m not affiliated with Maui but I got a certificate from Damons Grill to stay there and they just sent an email saying Maui Sands in Ohio has closed its doors for good

  4. achu923 says on :

    This is fun! I was there last week. ^_^
    They also have a water park ^_^

  5. jj9528 says on :

    i went there last year then went to cedar point the next day that place has an awsome waterpark

  6. tubamike78 says on :

    from what i read in the paper, maui sands has not paid the contractors and the employees that worked there are still waiting for their final paycheck.

  7. goodrl says on :

    That’s what I read. Are you affiliated with Maui?

  8. goodrl says on :

    Ya pretty much. That Emerson had this stuff planned form the beginning from what I heard months before they claimed bankruptcy. I had worked for Maui when they opened but I left after summer was over to go to back to college.

  9. arbysmann says on :

    looks fun!!!

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