Why Obama use campaign plane for week-long Hawaii holidays? Is it wise to use election money?


9 Responses to “Why Obama use campaign plane for week-long Hawaii holidays? Is it wise to use election money?”

  1. jero says on :

    I don’t know, but if you are not contributing then what is it to you?

  2. Kukoc says on :

    He’s also going to be campaigning there. This is his first visit to his home state since he started the campaign.

    I’ve given $4,600 to Obama’s campaign and think he’s spending my money very wisely.


  3. sha_tom_she says on :

    Obama and the Democrats. Can tells us. We need to conserve. I would like to have a list of how they are conserving. Everything I see. There life styles. haven’t changed. Gore, Pelosi, Obama etc

  4. Lamia says on :

    Because he’s a politician, and that’s what they do with our money: spend it.

  5. Joan S says on :

    I don’t know that he did. In any event, a single campaign related meeting would justify a flight. Simple enough.

  6. Tax but no tax says on :

    He was afraid Pelosi was getting more fringe benefits than he was.

  7. Julie H says on :

    He probably needs some rest and relaxation. I’m sure those doners that gave that $50 out of their grocery money will be happy for him to use their money on vacation.

  8. Kimberly A says on :

    How about he does what ever he wants to with it because it has nothing to do with the election! Let him. Why should you care.

  9. 8-ball says on :

    What do Osama bin Laden and Obama have in common? They both have friends who bombed the pentagon.
    William Ayers is an unrepented terrorist in America. Questions are now being raised if he is not more dangerous today than he was back then since he is in education. Obama blows this off but the American people are NOT blowing it off. The fact remains that Obama went and met with Ayers as a right of passage to get his political career moving. He also gave speeches with the man, sat on a board with him and Ayers did donate money to his Senate campaign. As much as the media tries to spin it, they have a relationship. It has been reported that Obama has been to his house for dinner as well. The true question remains, if Obama were elected who would he have in his service in the white house? Would he invite Ayers and his terrorist wife Dohrn to dinner in our nation’s capitol? This is a terrifying thing to consider. Think about what Rev. Jeremiah Wright said yesterday: “I am a pastor, Obama is a Politician, he says what he has to say.” This was a response when Wright was asked if he was angry over things Obama had said about him in his Philadelphia speech. The bottom line on this statement is: Obama said it but he doesn’t mean it. Huh? So once again is Obama telling the American people what they want to hear? Personally, I do not want someone in the White House who hangs out with terrorists and anti American radicals.

    If anyone dares to say, critique, evaluate anything about Obama they are a racist and attacking him? Obama is the racist. Read his books and it will jump right off the page at you that he does not want to be associated with “white folks.” Do I personally think he shares Wright’s views? You bet I do. If I disagree with someone I simply do not associate with them, I don’t adopt them into my family and circle of friends.

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