How much does it usually cost to upgrade to first class on a flight to hawaii?


When you show up at the airport to check in and they say “first class seats are available” what is usually the fee to upgrade?

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  1. Greg says on :

    like 300

  2. Rosee says on :

    Usually the first class seats are already taken on the longer flights, such as mainland to Hawaii. If you are lucky and can upgrade on the day of the flight, the cost will depend on the airline. You may be able to use miles to upgrade.

  3. Schwester S says on :

    Well, that very much depends on several factors.
    such as:
    Where do you come from? ( I am assuming you live in the US.)
    if you fly out of Florida it will be much more expensive than a shorter flight, let’s say, out of L.A.

    The Airline, some charge around 500USD, some will charge you 2000USD extra. All again, depends.

    The season! When do you travel is a huge factor on the upgrade to a ticket. Let’s say you want to fly on Christmas, naturally, it will be a whole lot more than on a random day in February.

    If you give me more information, i can tell you a bit more.

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